Bandsaw Welding Service

High-End Bandsaw Welding Machine

We use specialty high-end band saw welding machine designed, built, and imported from Italy. We can weld your bandsaw accurately at high speed. So our customers can be sure to get the highest quality band saw at the most reliable time.

Choosing the right band-saw for the job

We offer a wide variety of band-saw, and band-knife selections from the world top producers. Choosing the right band-saw will increase cutting accuracy, results, higher cutting quantity, and better tool life. If you are still not sure how to choose, we can help with choosing for you.

Choose the Bandsaw Blade
  • Short Lead Time

    Short Lead Time

    We stock our own coils and weld on our side.
    No more waiting for welding oversea.

  • Clean Welding Line

    Clean Welding Line

    We clean up with welding line by specialty band-saw weld grinding machine.

  • Quality Welding

    Quality Welding

    We weld the band-saw with automatic band-saw welding machine
    to ensure consistent quality.

  • Free Replacement

    Free Replacement

    If there are problem with the welding,
    we guarantee free replacement.

Saw Blade Suggestion Tool

Select the informations in order for us to recommend the best saw blade for you.

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Blade Types

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What are you cutting?
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Recommendation Summary
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Blade Model :
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Width x Thickness (cm) :
Teeth Type :
Teeth Per Inch :
Length (m) :
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Bandsaw length is missing

Band width is measured from the back to the tooth tip.
Straight Cut use the widest size the machine permitted.
Contour Cut use the width narrow enough for desire radius, see the graph to the right.

Bandsaw Width Tooltip

(R) Regular Regular tooth use for detail cutting and most popular for metal cutting.

Regular Teeth

(H) Hook Hook tooth are the most aggressive shape. It provide fast removal of large amount of material from the cut. This make it the choice of cutting across the width or cutting raw materials.

Hook Teeth

(S) Skip Skip tooth are coarse cut provide fast cutting in long gentle curve.

Skip Teeth

(C) Constant Pitch For regular rectangular plate cutting.

(V) Variable Pitch For cutting profile objects where thickness change during cut.

Variable and Constant Pitch

Choose blade tpi that is appropriate for material thickness. Too many teeth will wear down the blade quickly. Too few will lower cutting performance.

Cut to the length specified by your saw machine. Check the name plate of your machine for the correct length.

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