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Name : AO

Brand : Boride

Category : Polishing Stone

Catalog :
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The AO offers excellent breakdown characteristics and yet retains its shape well, especially when polishing mold cavity details. Because the AO is filled with lubricant during the manufacturing process, it does not require lengthy pre-lubrication.

Relate Products : 900 F
This stone has super-fine structure and excellent breakdown properties for final finishing prior to mirror (diamond polished) finishing. The 900-F works especially well on P-20 mold steel with a hardness ranging from 29 to 32Rc.
AM-2 is an excellent all around finishing stone engineered for hand polishing all types of mold and die steels, including SAE 1030 pre-heat treated P-20, H-13, S-7 and T-420. Soft action combined with perfect breakdown also permits pre-finishing on non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, beryllium, kirksite and high chrome/nickel stainless steel.
Die Stone
The Die Stone is engineered for use on all tool steels. It provides consistent breakdown and fast cutting action.
This premium green silicon carbide abrasive polishing stone has superb cutting abilities. A special bond makes the CS-M non-loading with a medium soft hardness for excellent polishing.

- For die & mould polishing
Orange EDM is an improved version of AS-9 EDM stone. It provide faster EDM scale removal, and consistent cutting.
Stone Holder
These stone holders are for hand polishing with Ceramic Super Stones and Polishing Stone. A must for good control during the polishing process, also prevent breakage of thin stones.
The AS-9 is engineered for hand stoning EDM scale surfaces. The special formulation provides a fast, smooth cutting action during hand stoning.
T4 is a specially treated medium aluminum oxide stone that cuts fast and leaves an excellent finish. T4 is similar to T2 but breaks down faster. It works very well on aluminum, not scratching or tearing the surface.
Rough Out
Rough stones enable rapid, aggressive stock removal.
Polishing Stone Holder
These stone holders are for hand polishing or for use in a profiler with BORIDE Mold Polishing Stones.
Ceramic Fiber Stone
Ceramic Fiber Stone made of high quality ceramic fiber from Japan.

#180,#250,#280 for removal of rough machining surface or hard EDM scale on tool and die steels.

#360,#400 for general lapping of fine surface or scratch line of tool & die steels.

#700,#1000,#1200 for fine polishing and finishing

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